Reduction Study // Vase Form


Woodfired Stoneware, Firebox / Kiln Floor

Size: 10.5 x 4 x 10”


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Richard Munster has worked in the Central Florida area making ceramic art for over 15 years.
His studio is based out of a home in Winter Park, where he lives with his wife & children & three
dogs & two cats & a battery of second-hand heavy equipment used in the production of ceramic
art making, as well as four kayaks, a variety of garden carts and wheelbarrows (which he holds
very near to his heart) as well as something his wife refers to as “too many” books and records.
Among other things. All of his work is fired in a hand built, wood burning kiln, on which he
completed construction in 2018.

Richard is a graduate of the School of Visual Art & Design at the University of Central Florida
and currently teaches studio art courses at Valencia College and the Maitland Art & History
Museums, where he held a position as an Artist-In-Action from 2016-2018.