Hand built from a single piece of stoneware clay, stretched to its limits before shrinking back into a ballet position known as Relevé (to rise with a small rising action starting with a plie). Single fired with two glazes, and refired with an additional glaze. This work is part of Rachel’s delicate Ballet series, exploring the limits, textures, and forms of clay.

Single-fired stoneware

7.5″ x 3.5″

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Rachel Kinbar is an artist, writer, thinker, gardener, mother, auntie. Rachel’s work utilizes tiny details, slow processes, repetition, intuition, ritual, and healing modalities. Ceramic pieces investigate the ability of organic matter to transmit energy and trigger a quiet emotional reaction. Larger works and installations serve as data visualizations, toe dippings, or deep dives into personal and communal history. All of this work asks the viewer to really look, really see, and really engage.

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