Woven Bowl, Sturdier Than it Looks


Every Wednesday in Fifth Grade, I got sent to the admin for refusing to participate in the art class activity. I’d wait patiently in the there and when my name was called, I’d go into see the Principal. Sister Something would just look at me. – the time had long passed for words. I’d hold out my hand, she’d smack me twice with the ruler, I’d sniff, and meander back to class, making sure to time it just right for the bell. Many years later, I realized that I do like basket weaving, but I prefer clay over plastic.

Woven Stoneware Bowl: 8” W x 2” H

Not dishwasher safe.


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Renuka Sastri: I make my work in my home studio and at the Crealdé School of Art. I’ve been experimenting with burnishing, leaving the exteriors unglazed so that the clay body feels almost leathery and very tactile. Instagram: @sastri_ceramics